There has been a toddler group at the Village Hall for as long as people can remember.  Taking place on a Friday morning between 10am and 12pm it offered a chance for Mums and their pre-school age children to get together and make friends.  Whilst the children played with the myriad of toys that have been collected over the years, the Mums could sit and chat over a coffee knowing that their little ones were in a safe environment and having fun.  Each week a different Mum would be in charge of setting up, making the drinks and returning the key at the end.  It’s the place that I first turned to when I moved in to the area with my 3 year old, and where both she and I made some lasting friendships.

Sadly, at the end of this school term it looks like Abbeytots may be no more. Attendance has dwindled, in spite of there being lots of young families in the area, and it seems as if there is nobody able to take on the group and keep it going.

It really wouldn’t take that much work as the toys are already in place, the kitchen and kettle are ready and the sandpit and ride-ons are just waiting for a new generation of toddlers to play with them.  The hall will be refreshed after the clean-up on 6th July, and there are moves afoot to improve the windows and heating to make it a cosier place to be.

If anyone is willing to try and kickstart Abbeytots when the schools go back in September, please let us know and we will give you all the support that we can. It would be a real shame if this longstanding group disappeared and people were forced to travel out of the area to attend other groups. This is what the Village Hall is there for, let’s use it!

Contact us at or call Ann (01981) 241352.

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