The Big Clean Up

In spite of the soaring temperatures a group of dedicated villagers came along to Abbeydore Village Hall on Saturday 6th July to give it an overdue clean and spruce up.

The local spider and woodlouse populations were soon in a state of shock and disarray as an army of dusters, mops and improvised spiderweb removers (a feather duster taped to the end of an extendable paint roller pole) were brandished in a flurry of cleaning, the likes of which have seldom been seen! Windows were cleaned and shone and floors were scrubbed and polished.

IMG_7440 IMG_7439

The kitchen was scrubbed, scoured and sorted. Cups, saucers and cutlery were washed, polished and put away in their proper place. Cleaning materials were placed out of the reach of children (and the smaller members of the hall committee) and the vacuum cleaner was brought out of retirement to give the entrance hall carpet a thorough going over.

IMG_7443 IMG_7442

Finally the storeroom was tidied, old unclaimed clothes put in a charity bag and the three large boxes of empty wine bottles dropped into the recycle bin. The table tennis table was resurrected along with the table football game (that nobody knew we had).  A large whiteboard and several cork noticeboards were uncovered and the Maypole was put safely in the corner (after being dropped on my ankle, causing substantial bruising).


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who took part.  The hall now looks amazing and hopefully, over the coming weeks, you will see the fruits of your labour as other things fall into place. Many things still need to be done, including a gardening session so we will be asking for volunteers again soon. But in the meantime, please support us by buying your tickets for the Dore Summer Dance so that we can raise more money for the hall and also for Dore Community Transport.


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